PT Makmur Meta Graha Dinamika (PT MMGD) is one of largest company that have been engaged in the foundry and steel industry for more than 3 decades. PT MMGD was established by Mr. Hardi Sasmita, the president director, in September, 1 1984. The office was first built in Jakarta and it starts at a small scale business from 1988-1989 before it grow into a well-established company.

PT MMGD successfully developed two divisions namely Refractory and Equipment. In 1991, Mr. Hardi Sasmita and the team saw huge business potential for growth in Surabaya and eventually, decided to open a new branch there. Later between 1995-1996, realized that suppliers of foundry had another application besides foundry and steel the company then created Business Development division. In 1996 the company opened another branch in Medan.

In year 2000, as the business grow bigger, foundry business development division was divided into 2 sub divisions: Foundry Ferrous and Foundry non Ferrous. That time in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan a Micro Mill business was developing rapidly, therefore in 2008 Steel Mill division was restarted by PT.MMGD again. This is due to the business development of the coal and gold mines, at the same year the company established a mining division.

After that in 2011-2012, the company saw considerable application to shipyards industry so the company opened a branch in Batam. Furthermore, the company also saw a great potential in Klaten when at that time was the center of metal casting, so in 2014 the company opened another new branch in Klaten. as a result, PT Makmur Meta Graha Dinamika is known as the leading Metalurgical solutions company in Indonesia.